Certification Department

The Certification Department is a separate organizational unit within the structure of the RDC-WBPI. The Certification Department's task is to impartially conduct certification processes for wood-based panels and wood materials according to our policy and management system, which are in compliance with the applicable regulations relating to the conformity assessment of products. The activities of the Certification Department are funded by revenues obtained from applicants for certificates and holders of supervised certificates. The unit does not receive external financial support.

In 2012, the Certification Department obtained the Accreditation Certificate no. AC 156 from the Polish Accreditation Center (PCA), confirming its competence to operate in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17065 standard and PCA accreditation requirements. This accreditation enables the issuance of globally recognized certificates. The Certification Department grants conformity certificates for wood-based panel materials in accordance with the requirements of normative documents included in the scope of accreditation.

We offer voluntary certification for wood-based panel manufacturers for compliance with formaldehyde emission limits based on:

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the program, which contains assessment procedures, rules for granting, maintaining, extending or reducing, suspending, revoking certification documents, and information on the procedures for handling complaints and appeals. The description of rights and obligations includes a contract template, which is provided to applicants.  
Additional information, including information about fees and a list of supervised certification documents, is provided upon request.

Downloadable forms:

Detailed information is provided by the Certification Department staff: