Research Laboratory (Product Testing Laboratory, Industrial Hazard Mitigation Workshop)

The Research Laboratory is a distinct organizational unit within the structure of the Research and Development Center for the Wood-Based Panel Industry Ltd. Since 1999, it has maintained and applied a documented management system - in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. The Laboratory's management establishes, documents, implements, and maintains a management system that enables supporting and demonstrating continuous compliance with: the requirements of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, legal regulations, PCA documents, and ensuring the validity of results.

The Research Laboratory holds Accreditation Certificate no. AB 244 from the Polish Accreditation Center.

The Research Laboratory strives to conduct its laboratory activities in a manner that is:

  • Competent, impartial, and reliable,
  • Enables obtaining valid results,
  • In accordance with national and international requirements,
  • Meets customer requirements,
  • Diligent and timely.

The Research Laboratory includes:

Service Scope:

Tests performed according to the scope of accreditation AB 244.

Product Testing Laboratory:

  1. Testing of physical and mechanical properties of wood-based panels:
    • Moisture content,
    • Density,
    • Swelling,
    • Sand content,
    • Static bending strength and modulus of elasticity in static bending:
      • After cyclic testing,
      • After boiling test,
    • Tensile strength perpendicular to the plane of the plate:
      • After cyclic testing,
      • After boiling test,
    • Surface layer delamination strength,
    • Quality of bonding by determining the shear strength of joints,
  2. Chemical testing of wood-based panels:
    • Formaldehyde content – extraction method (perforator method),
    • Formaldehyde emission from wood-based panels – chamber method or gas analysis.

Industrial Hazard Mitigation Workshop - performing measurements at workplaces:

  1. Sampling of aerosol for occupational exposure assessment to:
    • Industrial dust,
    • Organic and inorganic substances,
    • Metals and their compounds,
  2. Concentration of dust harmful factors for health - inhalable and respirable fraction,
  3. Electric lighting indoors:
    • Intensity of electric lighting,
    • Uniformity of lighting,
  4. Noise:
    • Equivalent A-weighted sound level,
    • Maximum A-weighted sound level,
    • Peak C-weighted sound level,
    • Noise exposure level referred to:
      • 8-hour daily working time,
      • Average weekly working time (from calculations),
  5. Mechanical vibrations acting on the human body through the upper limbs and general body exposure:
    • Effective frequency-weighted acceleration of vibrations,
    • Daily exposure,
    • Exposure lasting 30 minutes and shorter.

Additionally, the Research Laboratory offers the following services outside the scope of accreditation:

  1. Product Testing Laboratory
    • Testing the surface resistance of laminated chipboard,
    • Testing the abrasion resistance of laminated surfaces,
    • Determining the surface absorption of fiberboard,
    • Surface resistance to the action of liquids,
    • Determining formaldehyde according to the Japanese method.
  2. Industrial Hazard Mitigation Workshop
    • Performing measurements at workplaces in terms of: microclimate, effectiveness of ventilation systems,
    • Services related to improving working conditions: measurement of ventilation system outputs and adjustment of these systems,
    • Measurements related to atmospheric air protection: noise measurement in the field, development of noise protection zones,
    • Checking chambers for formaldehyde emission tests by gas analysis method.