Research & Development Centre for Wood-Based Panels Ltd. in Czarna Woda

The RDC-WBPI Ltd. in Czarna Woda was established as a result of merging the Industry Laboratories for plywood, fiberboard, and chipboard and continues their activities. The oldest among them - the Industry Laboratory for Fiberboard, began its operations in 1957. The Center's mission is to inspire and stimulate technical and technological progress in the wood-based panel industry, in particular by:

  • Developing new technologies for the production of wood-based panels,
  • Conducting research work on the modernization of technology, machines, and devices, including improving product properties, saving energy, materials, and water, as well as environmental protection,
  • Developing technical and technological expert assessments of production processes, machines, and devices,
  • Conducting work related to determining and combating the harmful impact of the industry on the environment and working conditions,
  • Performing tests on finished products and providing assistance in obtaining certificates, technical approvals, and patents,
  • Developing forecasts for the production volume of various types of wood-based panels and the associated demand for raw materials and auxiliary materials,
  • Performing analyses of trends in the production and consumption of various types of wood-based panels in the country and Europe,
  • Participating and assisting in the dissemination of new technical and technological solutions in the wood-based panel industry, including the design and execution of unusual assemblies and installations,
  • Engaging in activities related to scientific, technical, economic, and patent information, as well as industrial property protection,
  • The possibility of conducting experimental, pilot, and experimental production of panel materials on a semi-technical scale.

Representatives of the Research and Development Center participate in the standardization work of Technical Committees:

  • No. 100 – concerning Wood products and wood-based materials,
  • No. 215 – concerning Design and construction of wood-based structures and materials,
  • No. 308 – concerning the Assessment of hazardous substances in construction products.

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