Wood Chipper (Shredder) for Wood Chips (for Semi-Technical and Research & Development Purposes)

The DS-2/OBR type wood chipper is an original design by the RDC-WBPI in Czarna Woda and consists of the following components: a drive unit (electric motor with a power of 5.5 kW and 1440 rpm), a cutting part consisting of a rotating head mounted on a shaft. The rotating head houses three cutting knives, while two counter-knives are mounted in the housing body. By adjusting the gap size between the stationary and rotating knives, the thickness of the chipped chip is determined. Additionally, the housing body allows for the replacement of the discharge mesh (in the basic version, there are three different sizes).

Execution time: 3-4 weeks after receiving the order.

The efficiency of the device depends on the moisture content of the material and is approximately 60 kg/h.