Industrial Hazard Mitigation Workshop

The Industrial Hazard Mitigation Workshop conducts comprehensive environmental protection activities, such as measurements of dust and chemical substances emissions and their dispersion in the natural environment, measurements of environmental factors at workplaces such as noise intensity, dustiness, concentrations of chemical substances, lighting intensity, vibrations affecting the human body, as well as ventilation effectiveness. Additionally, it performs specialized measurements for the selection of individual hearing protectors, designing solutions to reduce noise intensity, including sound-absorbing enclosures and soundproof booths. Our activities also include measuring ventilation and exhaust systems necessary for their regulation and modernization.

Offered services:

  • Performing measurements at workplaces in terms of microclimate, effectiveness of ventilation systems.
  • Services aimed at improving working conditions: designing soundproof enclosures with specified effects, specialized noise measurement for designing solutions to reduce noise intensity, specialized measurement of ventilation system outputs, and adjustment of these systems.
  • Measurements related to atmospheric air protection: measurement of toxic substances and dust emissions, noise measurement in the field, development of noise protection zones, designing solvent regeneration installations along with the execution of installation components, assembly, and technological startup.