Solvent Recovery Installation from Air Exhausted from the Painting Line

We offer design, execution, assembly, and startup of industrial-scale installations for the recovery of solvents from the air exhausted from the painting line: fiberboards, building joinery, furniture elements.

Operating parameters of the installation:

  1. Volumetric gas flow rate 1000m3/m3 sorbent x h,
  2. Solvent concentration in the gas for adsorption 0.5 g/m3,
  3. Solvent concentration in the purified gas < 0.2 g/m3,
  4. Temperature of gases for adsorption < 325 K,
  5. Temperature of steam for desorption 400 - 450 K


  1. Reduction of solvent emissions into the atmosphere by at least 50%.
  2. Reduction of charges for the introduction of pollutants into the atmospheric air.
  3. Replacement of fresh solvents with regenerated ones.