Device for Determining Static Bending Strength, Modulus of Elasticity, and Perpendicular Tensile Strength to the Panel Plane

1. Purpose of the Device:

The device is intended for determining the modulus of elasticity, static bending strength, and perpendicular tensile strength in the case of fiberboards and other wood-based materials.

2. Characteristics of the Device:

The device includes the following components:

  • A device base with a millimeter scale and a spirit level,
  • Two cylindrical supports according to PN-EN 310 with a maximum spacing of 600 [mm],
  • Maximum sample width of 100 [mm],
  • Clamps for tensile strength testing according to PN-EN 319,
  • A device column in which the following components are located:
    • An electric linear actuator,
    • A 1 [kN] force sensor with a plunger according to PN-EN 310,
    • A 3 [kN] force sensor with yokes according to EN 319,
    • A travel sensor,
  • Switches and device motion cut-offs placed in the base,
  • A measurement system (located in the base of the device) with a digital display indicating the force value and enabling the setting and signaling of exceeding one or two threshold values.