Industrial Hygiene Laboratory

The Laboratory performs work in the field of environamental conservation by taking measurements of dust or chemical substances and their transmission in the natural environment. Its aim is to measure industrial environmental factors at workplaces, i.e. intensity of noise or dustiness, concentration of chemical substances, lighting intensity, vibrations affecting the human body or testing ventilation efficiency. In addition, it carries out professional measurements for the selection of individual hearing protectors and designs noise reduction solutions such as sound enclosures or soundproof cabins. Besides, it provides measurements of ventilation and exhaust systems needed for their adjustment and modernisation.


Services offered:

  • making measurements of workstation microclimate conditions and efficiency of ventilation systems installed in workplaces,
  • improvement of working conditions: designing of soundproof enclosures and determination of their effects; designing noise reduction solutions on the basis of specialist measurements; specialist measurements of ventilation systems expenditure and regulation of these systems.
  • measurements in the field of atmospheric air protection: measurement of toxic substances and dust emissions, field noise measurement, development of noise protection zones; designing of installations for regeneration of solvents, together with execution of installation elements, assembly and technological start-up.