Test Chamber for the determination of formaldehyde emission by gas analysis method

The Research and Development Centre for Wood-Based Panel Industry in Czarna Woda produces tests chambers for the determination of formaldehyde release by gas analysis method. They are compliant with the following standards:

The test chamber offered by OB.-RPPD meets all the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 12460-3 standard. Its technical solutions belong to the most modern in the today’s world. The chamber is fully automated. It does not require any supervision over its operation. It uses modern software and high durability, failure-free and easy-to-use work control solutions. The test chamber is designed to perform ongoing analysis and evaluate hygienic properties of materials used mainly in the furniture industry, i.e.: laminated and veneered chipboards, plain and refined plywood, lacquered and veneered fibreboards, artificial veneers, coatings produced during furniture finishing stage, etc. Samples with the dimensions: 400 mm x 50 mm x sample thickness are marked. The chamber is necessary to carry out systematic control of formaldehyde release in accordance with the "Guideline for the classification of wood-based panels and control of formaldehyde emission" in the version of June 1994, the so-called DIBt-100 Guideline, issued by the German Institute of Building Technology in Berlin; especially in the case of signing an agreement on control and supervision with the Western European Institute. The agreement allows to use a mark indicating that the product meets the requirements for E1 class emission. The offered test chamber can be viewed in our Centre. The deadline and delivery terms to be agreed.