We would like to inform, that on January 5, 2012 California Air Resources Board (CARB) granted for the Research and Development Center of the Wood-based Plates Industry (Ośrodkowi Badawczo-Rozwojowemu Przemysłu Płyt Drewnopochodnych Sp. z o.o.) status of the Third Party Certifier (TPC) for the production of wood-based plates within the scope of formaldehyde emission with TPC-039 number. With the regard to the above, OB-RPPD offer you own services in the range of the wood-based plates production supervision and researches regarding the formaldehyde emission according to standards of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

In case of the further cooperation, you must submit to the Certification Institution at OB-RPPD the application for the product certification and the applicant questionnaire (available on

Attached I send you the rough offer for the supervision and researches realization. The final costs we will present when we obtain from you the information about the products included in the supervision process, thicknesses scope and the number of the production lines. These costs can be reduced, if the manufacturer have preformed already the qualifying researches and the initial qualification of the products.

The supervision, within the CARB scope can be associated with the supervision or control over the different wood-base plates with finished surfaces, what can reduce inspection costs and sampling procedures needed for the researches.

List of approved institutes (laboratories) and the documents of approval is below: